The SE-I Toronto is a place that attracts both teachers and learners - people who want to be inspired, motivated and encouraged to learn new skills that will better their jobs and their life. It is a place that fosters not only learning but also community, where people are drawn to for interactive learning, skill development and motivation. It is known as a centre of both education/training and dialogue. The Centre is unique for its high quality teaching and training, for its relevant series of learning materials, and for its supportive community of people.

Physically, the Centre is located in Toronto, Canada and in Heidelberg, Germany. People are welcomed to gather, dialogue, network and study.

To succeed in a German/German speaking European Market it is essential for the SE-I Heidelberg to be strongly connected to a North American cultural and business environment. The SE-I Heidelberg is deeply rooted and carried by the Canadian culture, her way of thinking and doing business.

The courses offered in Toronto are widely varied in scope, the focus for the SE-I Toronto is on developing the individual learner for business and personal development.

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The corporate/business stream focus on soft-skill development including such courses as:

  • project management
  • change management
  • presentation skills
  • media training
  • business writing
  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership development
  • interviewing
  • communication skill development.

A main focus of this stream will be to provide direction and skill development to address the changing corporate environments. Business environments are currently experiencing significant shifts - both operationally and culturally. The nature of leadership and management is under scrutiny, and there are new expectations about the effectiveness of communication - for customers and clients, and for internal staff. It's no longer enough to be functionally and technically good at your job, you have to be emotionally intelligent about it, and have leadership skills to draw on. The Centre will provide significant course selections to address these changing business needs with a particular focus on Communications.

The personal stream of learning will offer learners a variety of courses including:

  • career counseling
  • public speaking
  • English as a Second Language learning
  • conflict resolution/negotiation skills
  • perfecting personal performance.

A main focus of this stream is to focus on personal development and motivation with a view to helping learners be the best they can be in their personal and work lives.